Cargo repacking services

Cargo repacking services: for certain product categories, the total supply chain involves cargo repacking operations at freight terminals located on or near the seaport premise.

An example of this operation is the long-popular export transportation of containerized grain cargoes, when bulk grain is delivered to a freight terminal in railroad cars or trucks and then repacked into containers. This scheme allows the customer to put together a cargo from different suppliers to accumulate a contracted consignment and ship the grain in preselected containers.

For imports, this scheme may present interest to consignees whose business specifics permit them to receive shipments in, say, railroad cars only. In that case, we’ll take care of intra-port handling operations involving offloading of cargo from containers and loading into railroad cars.

In this transportation segment, it is important to understand all specifics of handling every particular cargo type: special technological conditions are required for repacking of bulk grain or press cake; specialized machinery is necessary to repack long-sized cargoes; different approaches are applied to organization of cargo storage and accounting for transloading of general or bulk cargoes, and so on. Our specialists are ready to provide quality service for any category of cargo repacking operations.

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