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What is shipping?

  • Sea container transportation(shipping) is a reliable and cost-effective way to deliver cargo of various dimensions – from heavy loads to fragile, to any part of the world.
  • Sea transportation effectively solves the problem of cargo delivery by containers.
  • This is a highly promising type of logistics service. It is suitable for both large companies and medium-sized private businesses.
  • Container shipping is optimized at every stage process.

Types of containers used:

For shipping goods, there are 2 forms:

  • FCL (full container rental)
  • LCL (rental of a part of the collecting container)

Shipping advantages

  • Predictability

    Sea vessels (container vessels) run on schedule, so it is easy to determine the date and the time of delivery. There are no bad roads, traffic jams or accidents on the water. The delay can occur due to bad weather conditions and storms.

  • Profitability

    Shipping allows you to transport large loads with non-standard dimensions - small, fragile (from 50 kg) or large. High load capacity provides the large consignments shipping. In addition, in some cases transportation by sea is the only option for cargo delivery.

  • Economic benefits

    Sea vessels have high ergonomics, which reduces costs. The logistics of the route is made individually for each customer, taking into account his needs and making the service as profitable as possible.

  • Security

    Transportation of cargo containers by sea guarantees its integrity. The risks of theft and loss are reduced.

  • Environmental friendliness

    Dangerous goods are transported in special protected containers used on the ship

Stages of container transportation

Сan be divided into 2 parts:

  • export
  • import

Sea freight requires careful processing of all parts to organize a smooth transportation process.

Exports and imports include a complete logistics delivery scheme:

  • analysis and development of a competent and logical transportation route;
  • cargo transfer from the shipper’s warehouse to the port; or from the port to the warehouse;
  • cargo transportation to the port;
  • customs clearance of cargo;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • the ability to track the location of cargo;
  • full documentary support and issuance of the necessary documents and certificates for the goods.

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