Transportation in flexitanks

Transportation of bulk cargo such as food, petroleum products, liquid chemicals.

We offer our customers optimal logistics solutions for the transportation of their goods in special containers.

What is a flexitank?

Flexitank is a special independent equipment for transportation of safe liquids. It is suitable for both technological and food production goods. It is an airtight flexible container – a multilayer bag consisting of food-grade polyethylene. The tank is equipped with drain-and-bulk fittings for loading and unloading of bulk cargo. The volume is 19-27 thousand liters.

Sunflower oil is most often exported from Ukraine with the help of flexitanks. They are a worthy alternative to tanks, barrels, tank-containers.

Flexitank is transported in a standard sea container, which allows you to combine the high load capacity of the product. Sea transportation is the most profitable. However, it is possible to use the road and rail transportation.

Advantages of transportation in flexitanks

  • Ergonomics

    All useful internal areas of ​​the container are used. Thus, the volume of freight traffic increases.

  • Disposability

    The container is used once. This helps to reduce cleaning and returning costs. After use, the product is disposed of or recycled.

  • Environmental friendliness

    Flexitank transportation will not affect the quality of the goods. Under conditions of prolonged transportation or temperature change, the shell made of inert material does not interact with the contents.

  • Security

    The equipment is airtight, so the liquid being transported is reliably protected from contamination. The outer layer is fully resistant to damage.


Transportation of sunflower oil for export is in high demand among customers. We offer optimal logistics solutions for the transportation of goods in flexitanks.