Railway transportation

A reliable and affordable way to transport large consignments of goods around the country without delay, and most importantly - for a small cost.

LUKRO company organizes reliable cargo transportations under the most favorable conditions.

What is rail container transportation?

LUKRO company organizes reliable cargo transportations under the most favorable conditions.

Сontainer freight rail transportation is gaining popularity today. They have taken the place of a safe and cost-effective service.
LUKRO LTD has an extensive experience in this market segment, an excellent reputation, as well as direct contractual agreements with railway operators. We provide transportation of production, trade and industrial purposes.

Railway transportation advantages

  • Versatility and high load capacity

    It is possible to transport both loose cargoes (grain group, sardines), and bulk (vegetable oils, fats in flexitanks). Large cargoes - equipment, vehicles, machinery are also accepted for transportation.

  • Mass

    A large shipment of goods is transported once. The functionality of the railway allows you to create huge warehouses and cope with bulky traffic.

  • Regularity

    The Ukrainian railway network is one of the most developed in Europe. Rolling stock is regularly sent to almost anywhere in the country.

  • Affordable rates

    Despite the scale of transportation, the price is quite reasonable

  • Manufacturability

    Railway transport transfers almost all types of containers - standard, refrigerated (with temperature support), as well as oversized and heavy loads.

  • Security

    During the journey containers are protected from accidental damage and theft.

Railway container transportation process

LUKRO LTD is one of the leading logistics companies for rail transportation. This can be confirmed by our regular customers, with whom we work for many years.

Our experts calculate and offer the optimal scheme of transportation, taking into account all the wishes and needs of the customer. We have an individual approach to each customer, calculating and offering the optimal scheme of solutions.

The transportation process includes several stages:

  • determination of the route of transportation;
  • coordination of all accompanying documentation;
  • registration of all railway documentation;
  • direct delivery to the defined destination station.