Freight forwarding

An important component of successful international freight.

For LUKRO, forwarding services are a priority.

What is forwarding?

Freight forwarding is a comprehensive service for organizing the process of transportation of goods. The main task is to ensure a continuous, safe and as fast as possible delivery from the manufacturer to the customer or to a certain destination point. The customer signs a contract with the forwarding company. After that, the forwarding company becomes an authorized representative who acts within the interests of her client. The freight forwarder is responsible for warehousing, prepares them for shipment, organizes loading and unloading operations, regulates optimization processes on the road. The most popular service is intraport forwarding, which is an integral part of any sea freight. It is related to intra-port operations with cargo and includes work with documents, communication with sea lines agents, port terminals, control and customs authorities.


Additional services of transport forwarding::

  • Professional consultation and development of the optimal and most profitable route of the vehic;
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation, including insurance of the goods;
  • Calculation of delivery times.

Procedures for preparation of forwarding documents:

  • Customs clearance

    When crossing the Ukrainian border, goods are subject to tariff and non-tariff regulation. Tariff regulation is the payment of customs duties at customs clearance. Non-tariff regulation is the compliance with the necessary documents for transportation of goods;

  • Declaration

    The cargo must be declared. A company representative selects the product for examination. Declaration includes laboratory tests and obtaining certificates of phytosanitary, veterinary, sanitary and epidemiological controls;

  • Registration of certificates.

    Issuance of certificates confirming the quality standards of the goods; permission to export the contents of containers from the port.

  • Obtaining a permit

    Permission to export the contents of containers from the port.


The cost of freight forwarding depends on many factors. Our managers are always ready to advise you on this matter. Trust the most valuable to professionals!