Customs brokerage services

The service in demand is related to import and export operations

LUKRO company provides professional brokerage services in all ports of Ukraine

What is customs clearance?

Goods and vehicles purchased abroad may be in free circulation in Ukraine only after customs cargo registration (customs clearance or declaration). This term refers to a set of works required for the legal movement of goods across the border, regardless of the method of transportation. All transactions are regulated by the Customs Code of Ukraine.

Our customs brokers work with all types of cargo: from motor vehicles to consumer goods. An individual package of documents is issued for each of them.

Customs clearance of the car includes:

  • assistance in all the necessary paperwork to accompany the cargo (bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, etc.), selection of customs codes
  • obtaining documents for customs clearance of cargo
  • customs clearance of cargo and transfer to the cargo owner

Brokerage services for customs clearance of a car

All cars coming to Ukraine from abroad (Europe, USA, Asia) are subject to the procedure of import customs clearance. A professional customs broker will find and quickly implement the most profitable car registration scheme. The whole complex of services will be organized in the shortest possible time with the best price offer on the market.

Customs clearance of the car include:

  • preparation of a package of documents;
  • final price calculation of all payments;
  • registration of the customs declaration and issue of a car to the customer.

The characteristics of customs clearance

  • Customer`s comfort

    We take on all the bureaucracy. We save the customer from loss of time, money and other consequences.

  • Honesty and decency

    This is our credo. We set real goals and always fulfill them.

  • Competitive price

    Our company proves that you can get highly competent services at an affordable price.

  • Car safety

    One of the advantages of our company's work is that the staff monitors the safety of the car at every stage of work.

Customs clearance of goods,

with the temperature requirement

A separate area of ​​our company work is the customs clearance of food products that require specific temperature mode. This procedure must be performed promptly, because most of these groups of goods are perishable goods. In the process of customs clearance of this type of cargo, it is important to accurately perform their classification. Each product has its own nuances of customs clearance. Fast and profitable customs clearance procedure is possible only in the case of a professional and attentive approach of the customs broker to his work. A distinctive feature of work with this cargo is the procedure of passing various types of control (phytosanitary control, veterinary control).

Сustoms clearance cost

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