Transportation of oversized and heavy loads

LUKRO company provides quality out of gauge transportation services such as transportation of agricultural machinery, production line, construction materials and special equipment.

What is an out of gauge cargo?

Out of gauge cargo is oversized or heavy lift cargo. In international practice there is a term “oversize cargo”. It identifies objects that are characterized by the absence of a standard form. During the loading of special vehicles, they exceed the allowable parameters for a certain size indicator (LxWxH). Oversize cargo is determined by the following parameters: width – 2.6 meters, height – 4 meters (from the road surface), length – from 22 meters, weight – from 38 tons.

Oversized cargo has 3 varieties:

  • Oversized cargo. Exceeds one of the indicators LhWhH specified in the normative document.
  • Long load. Protrudes beyond the rear of the vehicle by more than 2 meters or has a length of more than 20 meters.
  • Heavy load. Exceeds the maximum allowable weight when loading.

СSpecifics of oversized cargo transportation

by road and sea transport

  • In many cases transportation of oversized cargo by motor transport demands support of DMV(Department of motor vehicles). The allowed dimensions of oversized cargo are: the length of the car should not exceed 22 meters, and height – 4 meters.
  • The transportation of oversized cargo by sea is also very popular. Non-standard containers are used for this purpose, such as Flat Rack and Open Top. The main requirement is to make a space under the container where the parts of the protruding goods are. The advantage of oversized shipping is that the ship can accommodate cargo of almost any parameters.